TUM Diversity Day – “Vielfalt an Universitäten: Erforschen, erfahren und gestalten”

Programm-_-Vielfalt-an-Universitäten_27-01-2016_Seite_1On January 27th, the TUM Department of Sport and Health Sciences held its Diversity Day, where researchers from different academic disciplines presented their ideas on diversity related issues, with a special focus on higher education and universities. I’m happy to have been able to participate in this interesting event with a small input on the refugee crisis, and I hope to have made a contribution to the awareness-raising process on these highly relevant topics. The event was held in German, and was titled “Vielfalt an Universitäten: Erforschen, erfahren und gestalten“. To get additional information on the presenters and on the topics covered, click right here.